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Run With Emily – Week 6

We’re past the halfway mark to The Genworth Virginia 10 Miler and I’ve had a lot happen this week.  I’ve incorporated some sprinting into my running unfortunately it was because I was running from dogs!  I learned about how hard I should be pushing myself and whether or not I should stretch before a run.  Plus some random observations about running in general.  Let’s start with stretching.  Stretching before a run seems to be a hot button issue that has many arguments for both sides.  I talked with physical therapist Dr. Jacqui Gooden about it and she says yes you should stretch but in different ways at different times.

Dynamic vs Static stretching:  Dynamic stretching consists of controlled movements and they’re good for warming up.  In this type of stretching, you don’t stretch the muscles as far as they can go.  Here’s an example of some dynamic stretching for the legs and the upper body.  The second stretch for the upper body I like to call “Jazz Hands!” Static stretching on the other hand is the more traditional type of stretching with longer holds between 10-30 seconds.  Here’s some examples of static stretching.  It’s ideal to do both but you can incorporate some of it into your regular routine like yoga! It just all depends on what’s best for you!   I like to stretch before and after a run but I don’t always have the time.

Dynamic stretching:


Static stretching:


Gung Ho=Injuries!   Doctor Gooden says you should have about a 10% progression in your running program a week.  So don’t suddenly jump from 5 to 10 miles in a week or you might hurt yourself but you can do 5.5 the next week.  This makes me wonder if I’m not working hard enough!

Running from Dogs!  Talk about possible injuries, I have to say I’m not a big fan of dogs right now!  I run around my neighborhood and surrounding areas during the weekends and at least one in every 3 houses seems to have a dog.  Last weekend, I was running past a house that had 3 big dogs wandering around outside.  One approached me and barked.  I stopped and offered my hands hoping they wouldn’t get bitten off.  The dog left then came back again and again until he chased me down the street.  Not the ideal training regimen!  I’m sure this must be an issue with runners?  Is there any advice you could give me?

Pic 3Running With My Mommy Makes Me Happy!  I’ll pass on the dogs but love to hang with my Mom. I know, ahhhh moment!  My mom has joined me the last couple of weekends for my runs and I’ve really enjoyed her company and encouragement!  She follows me on her bike and talks about what a great runner I already am.  She has no basis of comparison but I’ll take it!

Alone with my Thoughts.  When I’m not hanging out with my mom, I’m alone with my thoughts.  Here’s some random observations I’ve made while running:

  • Running Makes me Want to Spit: Yea, I know TMI! But I’m not the only one!  I’ve seen other runners stop for a good spit or just spit midstride!  If you start to hear me coughing, a word of advice, steer clear!
  • Bugs Taste Gross! This is obviously a good reason to spit!  I’m a mouth breather while running and at least once a week a bug pays a visit to my mouth!  Oh, I also adore the buzzing in the ears while trying to run.  I’d pass on the bugs if I could but watching the butterflies are nice!
  • The Sun is my Kryptonite!  I can be having the best run but once I step out into the sun, everything feels like it slows down.  I think I’ve been spoiled by the tree cover at the Blackwater Creek Trail.  The sun sucks the life out of me!
  • I Wish I Could Harness the Power of Kids!  A local school’s cross country team has just started running and all those kids are so fast!  Shorter legs and more speed than me, not fair!
  • Passing on the Afternoon Caffeine!  This is a major win for me!  If I can run in the afternoon I don’t need a soda to get me through the rest of the day.  The running helps to clear my head too while the caffeine just makes me jittery!  However, don’t you dare touch my morning coffee…CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!

If you would like to pass on the afternoon cup of joe and have my mom cheer you on, why not be a part of the Virginia 10 Miler or the 4-mile run/walk?  To find out more information or sign up, just click here!

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