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Runners Hi Day – 9/1


written by Molly Barker (original post)

So If you are a runner…you know, especially if you’ve been doing it a while…that all your friends and family think you’re crazy. I remember once, some years ago when I was training for the Hawaii Ironman, I had an encounter that brought this known fact out into broad daylight.

Every Wednesday I ran an 18 mile loop. (Yes friends…that fact alone explains my friend’s and family’s supposition.) I had a regular route that took me out into the country…and every Wednesday around 9 a.m. I would pass by the same old farmer in his same old tractor.

One day as we were approaching each other, he turned his tractor off and waited for my approach. When I got to him…there he was…overalls, cigarette, and telltale lines on a my-guess-is 85 year old face.

I stopped.

“Good Mornin,” I said.

“Good Mornin'” he replied.

We looked at each other.

“Can I ask you a question?” (He pronounced question like querschun.)

“Sure,” I said.

“Why do you do that? Why do you do that runnin’ thing. I have always wanted to ask people like you, but I just never have.”

I did my best to explain the high I got from it…the joy…the lessons it taught me.

He paused.

“Well…I gotta be honest with you. I just don’t get it. The way I see it, ya only got so many heartbeats. Why the hell would you wanna waste ’em on that.”

I smiled. He smiled and from that day forward every time I passed him I would kick up my heels. I mean if YA gonna be happy…I say go all out.

The reason I share this…is…my little idea for Runner’s Hi Day seems to be gaining in momentum. There feels like there is something both fun and powerful brewing up underneath the idea.

And so I am reposting my original post and asking my running friends and family to consider reposting to we can get a little more of our runner-love out into the world. If you wanna get really jiggy with it…make a t-shirt…go pro it…take pictures JUST DO IT!

September 1, 2015. Runner’s Hi Day.

I mean come on. What’s there to lose? Cuz I got news for you, you already lost whatever it was, the day you started running. (Teehee)

Here’s the original post.

I am a runner. I like that I am a runner.

Runners are typically very friendly people. Especially the ones of us that find grace, sanctuary, fellowship in its wonderous magic. Breath in. Breath out. Strides in sync with the person next to you. Light in, light out. It’s pretty awesome…this running “thing.”

I’ve built quite a life out of the connection, unity…love really…that runners bring to the space we move through. When I started Girls on the Run in 1996, I knew within moments of showing up on that first day, that something mysterious and magical and powerful was happening.

A couple of weeks ago I was out on my regular run when for some weird and inspired moment I felt the urge to high five the runner approaching me on the same sidewalk.

And so I did. And so did she.

It felt really good. I didn’t know her, but I KNEW HER. You know what I mean?

And so I just started high fiving other people as I passed them. Not everyone…just those who appeared receptive…open to it. I mean I didn’t want to SCARE people.

This has turned into quite a game. I’ve high fived babies in strollers; people in wheelchairs; the garbage man as he hauled the trash from someone’s driveway.

It makes me feel sunshiney.

So here’s the fun part. What if more runners did that. We could be like little sprinklings of joy and happiness as we floated about our neighborhoods, happiness on feet, smiling, being, fun.

And so…if you are so inclined, let’s declare a day…how ’bout September 1 cuz it’s easy to remember…Runner’s Hi day.

Just do it. Get a bunch of you to do it together. It ain’t no big deal, but it is fun, kind and just might change somebody’s life.

Please feel free to share. Let’s bring our Runner’s High to a whole new Runner’s Hi.