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Run With Emily – Week 7


OMG! The Genworth Virginia 10 miler and 4 mile run/walk is this month and the moment of truth is so soon.  I would love to say I’m ready for it but here are some reasons why I’m stressing:

It’s my First Rodeo!   Being in a new environment can always be a little nerve racking.  In theatre there’s folks that chat before a performance and then others warming up their vocal cords and are very serious!  Will it be a social hour before the run or will everyone be getting warmed up?   Is there social etiquette for races?  I assume you don’t tell them to break a leg!  I’m probably overthinking this all!

Uphill Both Ways!  Ok, this really isn’t true but there is that 1 MILE stretch of course that’s uphill and I haven’t been training for it.  However, on Labor Day the Lynchburg Road Runners Club is meeting at 8 a.m. (I know, 8 am on a holiday, totally evil!) at EC Glass High School to run the course on Langhorne Road.  I figure we’re less likely to get run over by traffic since it’s a holiday.  You don’t have to be a club member to join the run.  I hope I’m not the only one to run 4 miles of the 10 mile course but at least it will give me an idea how hard it is.  I imagine I’ll be the only one left in the dust as a tumble weed slowly drifts past me at the slow speed I’m running.  If you’re interested in running but can’t make the Monday run, there is one Tuesday at 5:30 pm starting at the Farm Basket on Langhorne Road.

The Crowds! There will be people watching us run on race day!!  I’m not fast and I don’t have great form.  In fact a friend of mine recently told me I look stiff running!  My running form is kind of like how you would imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger running.  Not a lot of bending and more lumbering!  What if I trip, twist my ankle or have to stop for a potty break?  On the other hand, I think the positive energy of the crowd will be fun!

I Think I Can…Or Can I?  The Little Engine that could worries that she simply won’t be able to run the whole time.  I know, it might sound silly since there are folks walking the 4 miler but my secret goal for myself is not to stop and walk.  Unfortunately in my training so far I haven’t been able to run the whole 4 miles without walking.

Recording Our Times!  This is so official!  The newspaper will publish all the runners’ times so no fudging a minute or two or ten less.  No, this hasn’t crossed my mind.  How dare you think so! Seriously, it will be out there in black and white for everyone to see!!

Ok, so I’ve told you what I’m stressing about but here’s what I’m looking forward to:

Live Music!  I love the idea of live music and DJ’s along the route!  The band Hazel will be kicking things off from the start at EC Glass High School with a mix of everything from the 60’s on with classic rock, country and funk.  WSET TV will even have a band out front and WYYD will be out at the 3 mile marker.   There will be several other bands along the way as well!

A Great Group of People!  Every runner I’ve met so far has been so nice and supportive.  And with over 4,000 people participating last year, it sounds like I’ll be in great company.  Even though I might trip over a person or two.

Party at the Finish Line!  I’m looking forward to the food, the drink and the massages!  In fact, don’t get in line behind me because I’m signing up for at least an hour massage.  Ok maybe it doesn’t work that way but it’s going to be a fun time!

If you would like to party with me after the 10 miler, the 4-mile run, or 4-mile walk, don’t forget to sign up.  You can sign up now by clicking this link or showing up to register on September 26th between 6:30-7:15 a.m. at E.C. Glass High School.

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