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Run With Emily – Week 10

We all did it!!  The Genworth Virginia 10 miler and 4 mile run/walk is over and it was a total soggy blast!  This whole experience has been amazing to me as a newbie runner!  I’m ridiculously proud of myself!  I started this adventure 10 weeks ago averaging 16:30 a mile on the treadmill and really wondered if I was up for it.  The results are in…drum roll please…my time for the 4 miler was 41:47 meaning I averaged 10:26 a mile!  I know I’m not winning any races with a time like this but to me it was a major accomplishment! Plus I think I’ve been bitten by the running bug!   This was my first race ever and here are some mistakes, observations and opinions on the whole experience:

20150926_075355I Should Have Arrived Earlier!  Race Director Jeff Fedorko said to be there no later than 7:15.  However, I didn’t take into account that millions of people would be looking for a parking space at the same time and I spent about 20 minutes waiting to park. Fortunately when I finally found a space there were thousands of people to follow to the starting area!  I should have arrived a little earlier too because we all wanted to tinkle before the run.  The lines to the porta potties were long!!

Excitement from the Starting Line!  It was exciting and a little overwhelming in the starting area with thousands of runners!  I was a little worried that it would be ready, set…trample!  Fortunately, everyone was very patient and waited to get over the starting line.  Jeff helped to build the excitement as well over the intercom.

It Rained on our Parade!  Yep, the weather totally sucked!  The morning was cool but horribly muggy at the same time.  I wasn’t sure what to wear so 4 miler with jimmy davisI overdressed…kind of.  I wore workout capris, a tank top and a jacket and I fried while running!  Fortunately I peeled off the jacket halfway through the race and tied it around my waist and felt better.  But then I was glad to have it at the end because once I hit the finish line it started raining hard!  The volunteers were the real troopers, standing in the rain for hours!

The Volunteers and Spectators Rocked!  Despite the miserable conditions they were out cheering us on!  There were inspirational signs, hoots and hollers.  There was also a clock at every mile to tell you how long you had been running so far.  The clock helped to inspire me to keep up the pace.  I definitely think that running with a group made me run faster.  I wanted to pass people!!!  Around mile 3 I became a spectator too when the front runners in the 10 miler began making their way back.  So mile 3 for me, mile 7 for them…definitely humbling!   It was so exciting to watch the talent and strength!  We all cheered them on!

Throwing a Great Party Despite the Rain!  Even though the weather was miserable everything seemed to go off without a hitch.  There were plenty of race sponsors there congratulating us, there was also lots of food, drinks and the band Hazel was fantastic!

buff nugOveranalyzing My Results!  I love the Virginia 10 Miler results page!  I found out I ranked 13th out of 73 people in my age range (no I’m not telling you how old I am).  I could check out my friends and co-workers results too!  WSET anchor Danner Evans ranked 206th overall with a time of 1:20:22 in the 10 miler! Amazing! My brother-in-law flew across the course finishing 102 in a field of over 1,300 runners.  I’m inspired by them both!!

I’m Totally Addicted!  Let’s just say that I was back in the saddle again on Sunday running around Wyndhurst in the misty rain!  I do have some moments when I think, “Why am I doing this?” But then I just turn up my music and work to get into the groove of running again.  It has helped me to enjoy nature again (wait there’s an outside?) and helps me to relax and break up my day.  Sounds like the perfect prescription for life!

A Big Thanks!  I wanted to give a shout out to the many people that helped me get ready for the 4 miler!  Joe Spagnolo and Jacqui Gooden at Rehab Associates, thanks for helping me with my running form and teaching me strength training exercises to help me avoid hurting myself.  Joe, I’ll never forgive you for saying I’m tight and Gumbyish at the same time.  Just kidding…kinda.  To race director Jeff Fedorko, thanks for the encouragement, advice and insight into the race itself!  Also, a big thanks to Safe Strides coaches Danny Boyers and Jan Baker.  Danny taught me not to take running so seriously and Jan helped me to better understand running prep and the needs of my body.  Also, thanks for all the advice and encouragement from fellow runners I’ve talked to through this whole experience!

Next Year?  I think I might be there and might even take on the 10 miler too!  Hope to see you there! Thanks so much for checking out my blog Run with Emily!

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