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Run With Megan – Week 4

We’re already at week 4 of my journey? Wow!

This week has been the most challenging thus far. I’ve been very busy and have fallen off the training wagon. But! Here’s the best part… you do what you can and you keep on going. My “long run” will come this weekend, around 5-6 miles, and I’ll also start training with GU. I pushed myself a little harder than normal on Monday (running for 50 minutes), knowing Tuesday was one of my busy days. This was a win in my book!

Here’s what I did this past week:

Monday – 50 minutes
Tuesday – off
Wednesday – 25 minutes
Thursday – off
Friday – 40 minutes

Once again, Danny’s advice is helping me. The most helpful thing he’s said for this week is that running for a certain amount of minutes (and not specific miles) is just fine! My goal, of course, is to be fully prepared for the 10 miler, however, on weeks like this, that’s an important note to keep in mind so I can stay motivated while busy.

I’m not the only busy one, right? Who is right there with me? You have to forgive yourself through the chaos, and this week was one of those times for me! After all, this is supposed to be fun… right?

How do you stay motivated through the busy seasons? I think we can all learn from each others best practices! Comment below and lets help each other out!

Oh, and don’t forget… the guaranteed t-shirt deadline is September 1. Make sure to register now so you can secure one (have you seen them on the Virginia 10 Miler Instagram?).

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