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Run With Megan – Week 5

Can you even believe that we are halfway through? Week 5!!

Let me start by giving you my training schedule (I’m back to tracking miles!):

Sunday – Off
Monday – 3-4 miles
Tuesday – 5-6 miles
Wednesday – 2-3 miles
Thursday – 4-5 miles
Friday – Off
Saturday – 4-5 miles

18-23 miles covered this week – or somewhere around 200 minutes total run time.

Ok this week I’m talking race day gear…

I asked an expert what you should wear from head to toe to avoid problems during the race. The best thing is to wear moisture wicking material. It will allow the moisture to pull away from your body, which helps alleviate chafing (not fun, right?!).

Oh, and don’t just stop with moisture wicking shirts… socks matter too! Do not wear cotton socks – they collect a lot of moisture and weigh you down while running!

I know we’re still 4 weeks out until the 10 miler, but I think this tip is important now, since you’ll want to have started your full race day training now!

Best of luck out there… are you hiding from hills? Don’t. 😉

This is your last week to guarantee yourself a race shirt… all you have to do is register by September 1. I suggest registering now so you don’t miss out on one!

Hey, we’re halfway there – let’s celebrate!

Megan Dice is the host of Good Morning Virginia/Midday on ABC 13.
31 countries seen, coffee snob, golf player, farm owner, snowboarder.