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#va10miler   #va4miler
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Run with Megan – We Did It!

Congrats to all the runners and walkers – we did it! I have to say in all my races, this was by far the most challenging course. You should be ridiculously proud of your accomplishment! I was so proud to see my friends from work at the finish line.

And wow… what a great group of volunteers, too! So encouraging to get you up and down those hills! Thank you to all of you out there with the signs, water, and high five’s.

The biggest tip I’ve taken away is to train like it is a half marathon… and do not be afraid to train on hills! It’s a must. I probably could have run more in my training runs. I should have gotten to at least 8 miles (or how about the full course?). I got up to 7, and I could tell, I wasn’t trained up enough.

Also, good healthy food is a must. Take care of your body when training for any run!

Until next time! And I’ll see you in the morning on ABC 13!

Megan Dice is the host of Good Morning Virginia/Midday on ABC 13.
31 countries seen, coffee snob, golf player, farm owner, snowboarder.