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Run With Megan – Strength and Yoga Training!

Can you even believe we are in week 7?! Time has been flying by and the Virginia 10 Miler is just 2 week away!

Per usual, here’s my weekly update:

Sunday – Off
Monday – 2-3 miles
Tuesday – 5-7 miles
Wednesday – 2-3 miles
Thursday – 3-4 miles
Friday – Off
Saturday – 4-5 miles

Yoga or stretching, anyone? Dr. Mark Kasmer from Carillon Institute for Orthopedics and Neurosciences says that you should incorporate 2 days of yoga or stretching into your running days. I’m taking this advice full force – running 4-5 days, 2 days of stretching, and a potential day cross training (spinning or the elliptical for me!!).

Strength training. I never realized how important strength training is! Dr. Kasmer says 3 days a week. So, I’ve been focusing on my hips, glutes, and lower body. How you ask? Some good exercises include squats, lunges, and core workouts. This helps with your overall body weight strength as well. You should give it a try and let me know what you think!

Don’t overwork yourself. One big thing is being ready for race day. This means tapering off some of your extra training days leading up to the race (its been suggested that I taper off my extra work a week from the race). You don’t want to overexert your legs the week of the race and wear them down.

Wow! This means this week is your last major week for strength training. I can’t believe we’re only 2 weeks out from the race; we’re really down to the wire. Please tell me you’ve registered? For those of you have… yay… can’t wait to join you on race day!! For those of you that haven’t… here you go. It’s time, do not wait any longer!

I’ll see you guys in less than 2 weeks. Good luck on your last couple weeks of training.

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