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Run with Megan – We’re Heading into Race Weekend!

As we prepare for race day (can you believe it?!), lets remember 3 key things I’ve learned over my time training for the Virginia 10 Miler:

  1. Race day gear. Danny Boyers, the course director, says, “I highly encourage moisture wicking material – material that pulls moisture away from your body. This will help alleviate chafe, which is not fun!”
  2. Rest. Make sure you’re starting to get plenty of rest. You want to be geared up and ready to go on race morning.
  3. It’s time to start tapering down. These next few days for me will be light. I’m going to go 1-2 miles on Wednesday and Friday, take Thursday off, and then I’m so ready for the full 10 miles on Saturday!

If you haven’t already seen the Facebook Live event the race directors of the Virginia 10 Miler held on Monday, you should! They talk about all the ‘need-to-knows’ including:

  • Packet Pickup (new location this year!)
  • Parking
  • Bands
  • Bib assignments
  • Fun along the course
  • Volunteers
  • Tips for race day
  • Genworth’s surprise for spectators!
  • and much much more!!

Tonight (Wednesday, 9/21) at 11:59 p.m. registration goes up $30-35 depending on which event you’re planning to participate in. Save the money… register now

Can’t wait to celebrate with you at the finish line. I hope you’ll come find me!

Megan Dice is the host of Good Morning Virginia/Midday on ABC 13.
31 countries seen, coffee snob, golf player, farm owner, snowboarder.