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Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Lewis

In honor of our 45th year, we’re highlighting a special volunteer or volunteer group regularly between now and race day.

Volunteer: Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis is known for all the hats he has worn over the years volunteering with our events. In recent years, he has been the faithful and dedicated driver of our lead truck.

The pace vehicle leads the parade of runners, staying ahead of the group throughout the duration of the 10 Miler. Mike’s operation of the pace truck is a vital key to a successful race. Passengers include local news crews, race dignitaries, and timekeepers.

Additionally, a passenger in the lead vehicle relays updates about the lead pack to the announcers at the finish line. Here’s a look at the view from the back of the pickup – the best seat in the house during the last few miles as the champion secures their achievement!

This year, when you see Mike driving our pace vehicle, give him a big wave of gratitude. We are so grateful for his hard work and generous spirit!